The Scotch Club is a polygonal ceramic spotlight consisting of 72 facets.

The name is a hommage to the first discotheque in europe, named "Scotch Club", since the ceramic spotlight is a reduced version of the disco ball.

It is part of the Superfax collaboration between Mashallah and Xavier Manosa. For this series prototypes was sent through to the production plant by fax, where they subsequently were assembled into papermodels, stiffed and molded into ceramics.

The collaboration was aimed at finding a transformation procedure from digital to analog production without using the usual CNC milling tools. As additional condition, the prototyping process needed to be executable in a facility that strictly works with handmade tools, like a ceramic manufacturer.

For this purpose, the digital construction data was formed with polygonal lines only so that the blueprint could be sent and printed out by a demoded, low-tech device such as the fax machine.

Distributor: Marset

By Mashallah & Apparatu
Material: ceramic, glaze, gold